Enviroplus Concentrated Cleaner e-Z-Kleen X E2 Rubix 2.5L Each

Enviroplus Concentrated Cleaner e-Z-Kleen X E2 Rubix 2.5L Each

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e-Z-Kleen X is a specialised concentrated enzymatic preparation for cleaning and degreasing hard surfaces. It combines free enzymes and plant-derived surfactants providing a heavy-duty and fast-acting multisurfactant degreasing system to quickly and easily lift and emulsify soils, dirt and grease from hard surfaces. The product-specific enzymes quickly help to break down fats, oil and grease into smaller more soluble molecules which can be more easily removed from the surface. 

  • GECA and Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH HealthRATE Certified
  • pH neutral and safe for all surfaces
  • Fast, enzymatic action to cut through grease
  • Concentrated formula, cost-effective cleaner 
  • Reduce cleaning hazards with less slippery floors
  • Plant-derived solvent is VOC-free and carbon neutral




$117.04 Excl GST

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