Abconet’s template function lets you set lists of consumables for multiple sites, taking the hassle out of placing repeat orders. You can edit your templates at any time if needed, including applying one template to different sites which helps with managing multiple sites.

  • Manage multiple sites efficiently
  • Set product lists per site
  • Minimise purchasing errors
  • Speed up ordering


Abconet offers a range of insightful reports that will help you optimize your ordering processes. From actual vs. budget to consumable tracking per site - we’ve got you covered. The live reports function, gives you valuable insights on consumption habits which empowers your team to be proactive in reducing costs, and ensuring contract costs don’t exceed budgets. You can also schedule any of the reports to be delivered directly to your inbox on a regular basis.

  • Budget and spend insights
  • Site manager accountability
  • Minimise admin costs
  • Automated recurring reports

Budget Management

Abconet’s new budget functions will help you save time and MONEY! Never go over budget ever again by having set budgets for every site. Set up orders to be approved if spend is going over budget for that site, and you immediately have complete control of any spend over budget, keeping your costs under control

  • Set budgets per site
  • Budget limit controls
  • Budget tracking notifications
  • Budget setting per group